Le Pont Bleu

Allo, Erica here (though that is my given name (and perhaps fitting,  Eric(ker)a originates as a male Old Norse name, Eirikr, which translates to ‘one ruler’ or ‘eTernal ruler’ or ‘ever powerful’, which I can dig, I am definitely oriented towards the exploration of power that too is divinely nuanced), I often see myself as some sort of traveling dancing quantum flower from outer space that is nameless in her song but for a feeling. I don’t think s/he is named Erica. astanzia?

I value and strive to integrate the tones of compassion, wisdom, truth, equanimity, joy, liberation, and grace into everything I do. In essence, I believe those qualities are who I am. Sort of. Mostly. There are deeper discernments to make (mmm, discern-mints. for the freshest breath) here.

jesushugsdinoI’m not only a body, not even only an energy form bouncing across multiple wavelengths, some sort of primordial inter-dimensional feedback loop called The Soul, not even only the lusty Spirit that breathes through me with energy that wants what would make love to All That Exists. (It’s like we’re One Big Sun shining on a trillion moons. Each of us has got one moon, tapped into the same Huge Light.) In the universal consciousness sense I AM all things (on the better of days); the community/ies around me, what wild nature, what glorious plants and hilarious lovely animals, what exceptional humans or whatever humans (I get a bit annoyed sometimes, like, level up human beings, you know?) what PLANET, what cosmic juices and dark matter, what atoms and sparkles of light…. what mystery breathes in and through it all, with purposes unseen, questions yet unasked, beauties yet unknown. Sometimes I am a geometric shape/song. In incandescent stellated crystal color.

Un ‘pont bleu’, au fait, is by the way ‘a blue bridge’ en français.

This website is my hub. It is a space to share words, thoughts, videos, researched academic perceptions, journals, health information (with guided meditations and walk-throughs), whatever evolutionary winds are moving us, curated goodness, and visions for our transforming and beautiful world.

It is also a base for various services I offer in the arts and evolutionary healing fields.

It’s a community space, so don’t hesita2014-03-11 21.13.35te to participate by commenting and contributing, making suggestions, letting me know what I should add.

(we need to share our dreams and perceptions to construct (or access) that kind of trans-crystal ball lucidity that is beyond a vision, really, that’s a door) (maybe).

I feel like I’m (we’re) venturing through new territory these days (as always!). Though I currently reside in Montreal, Quebec, I am feeling a constant nagging impulse to move and travel to somewhere new. I live quite like a nomad at the moment, in between places, in between worlds. I have the intention to connect more deeply with the natural environment and root myself into a Reality of wilderness, magic, mystery and evolution. The grand adventure of existence awaits. boom streams

I imagine joyous, triumphantly loving, brilliant, beautiful, and outrageously wholesome community of creative and deeply curious (human+) souls coming together with the Greater Universe in radical celebration of diversity, sharing the intentions to experience peaceful, sustainable, just, creative, loving and informed ways of living, beginning on Earth, but (+). I see a new culture of sharing and growth, edging off into the galaxy too. Some people think it would be frivolous to include ‘inter-dimensional’ as a qualifier for these new communities, but I find it necessary. I think we our at a point of initiation now. I know that we can succeed in purging ourselves of any ineffective behavior or thought processes that lead us to believe we do not control our own destiny. A beautiful and incredible sphere of a creative and empowered humanity awaits, and an ecosystem richer than anything money can buy or is is hung in the codes. We can and will succeed at creating sustainable solutions that don’t diminish but also improve our own quality of life. Win-win-win, it’s the new www. And maybe a neat locally sourced vegan restaurant name. We will create organizations with no leadership exactly but guidance, run by people who listen and can be ears and voices for the people drawn to their geographies and cultures. We can (and this is my heart’s desire) organize ourselves for epic adventure: build sacred pirate ships for space, head out on voyages through the majestic odyssey of all existence. How far we can go outside depends on how far we are willing to travel within. Ultimately, we are discovering the magic and mystery of ourselves. There is so much more, and so much less. There are circus labs and open skies. There is a love that does not know form. There is my  current lack of will to properly edit this page perfectly. So I will leave you with this high upside down raspberry for now. Be well, beautiful creature.

In love, indivuated unity, and the symphony of flowers, rocks and kings, your nameless cosmic dancer,

Hey guys!

2 thoughts on “Le Pont Bleu

    1. Thanks Unk. Ridiculously late reply time I know. But I appreciated your comment, and the luck. Bloggin’ ain’t easy, wait. I think I saw a birch tree on wordpress once. Trees are skilled though. I did also see a toy nutcracker doll with a blogger account. Something’s up. Is the Internet for humans only? I don’t know. Nobody is quite certain anymore, especially with chickens adding themselves on people’s social media friendlists.

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