I have too many. If you take one the condition is be good to it. These are not copyrighted, though I suppose I should place them under a CC License so that they don’t *get* copyrighted, because the point here is sharing, and the value is abundance. (if you feel inspired I am open to help with this CC thing btw, so many ideas and I still need to sit down and learn more about creativity and da law). Anyway. Voici! (There will be a bit of french woven in here for Montréal or Québec specific ideas, I’ll do my best to make all the information accessible to all people)


Public Cheerleaders– they cheerlead the ‘average’ or ‘normal’ citizen or just.human, through out their day in public, or wherever, in a casual and non-invasive way, just sort of encouraging people that they are being their best and that they are loved and awesome. But they cheerlead in the same football extravagance typically imparted to the dualistic world of sports and war; this is different in that everybody can win. And it can also be more fun.

A latin font with a design based on geometric, genetic and extra terrestrial language shapes

Luggage, on all terrain remote controlled wheels that walk up and down stairs when necessary. GPS connected to yourself and can go on ‘autopilot follow owner’ mode

Ball’erina- a film. I think the title captures a lot. It’s either well written or horribly satirically written. Why do my armpits hurt right now.

The Fireman: a fire spirit whispering (ripped for mass appeal, c’mon masses, why you got all dat gravity) fireman. A charming and coming of age flick of a fireman coming to accept his heart of fire. In various senses. Fire Safety.

Descent (Ascention)- A heavenly aromatherapy company- interdimensional and informed by many sources… explores new natural processing methods. “I remember all the things I mean to put here” (cmmmmmmon memories)

smart phone pool floats.

+ strollers- idea courtesy of JB

tetrahedron designs on food utensils (the shape enhances digestion 4 me at least not sure if a general cure)

Conscious Filibustering- a book (I’m doin’ it)

Felixes Helixes- a kids introduction to dna (i know this is cc but i want this one, if you do it better than me though take it take it plz)

Job (bank) for an emerging culture (emerging cultures- but this be happening! ah i casually intended to learn how to rap a while ago and this is what its doin’ to my language)

Telepathic mail wo/men- peeps minding the etherwaves.

Comics- people sitting on a giant date. Shelf love. A Koran and a Torah both holding hands and staring at new strange letters appearing in the sky- not quite but i’m going somewhere with this…

bands- The Eves, The Gryffindors, the Failsafes, the Jesuses.

Stock pics- two dates next to each other as a double date. Dates flying in the sky as a gif for an update. 365 Dates. A calendar.

Wallets with insides like vaginas (for sugar mammas)

Mont Royal à Montréal, mais avec un grand symbol des Haudenosaunees (les Iroquois) à côté du croix.

Thoughts on writing and language: not much to do here (maybe), but I want to keep this free flow somewhere.