If you wish to support my project or are inspired by me/work, I gratefully accept financial/material help.

Donations/UBI support currently go towards the basics. I purchase and aim to purchase goods & services from sustainable, ecological and ethically conducted industries as well as from local producers. Within balanced reason, don’t wan’ starve when there ain’t no organic broccoli you know?  Other funds go directly towards financing research, creative and service projects (eg renting a massage room or visiting possible retreat locations, etc), and are also donated to other people or organizations to support the creation of a universal basic income and the health and flourishing of each individual, currently through Patreon.

Paypal: Received in gratitude, thanks for supporting my work *<3

Bitcoin wallet: on it 😉

*You can clarify what your intention is in this Paypal donation and what you wish to be supporting! I have a Patreon Account for basic income, any overflow will be re-donated to others funding their basic income etc.

And of course, your energetic support is priceless and deeply appreciated, currently accepting prayers for

Galactic Jelly by Jonathan Solter

In flowers and love, gratitude, and joy and truth peace beauty and freedom, humor and sensuality, magic and the integration of polarity, trust, evolution xo (sometimes I ooze maybe too much prayer)

May all beings know that they are Source, and that they are supported in every way by the Source of all things, that is who they are, and beyond, and then who they are, and then beyond…

do wut u want!

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