Moon research: synodic extremes in 2017

When u get lost in the doors within doors of Internet curiosities, and discover that 2017 CE* has the second shortest (shortest is in 2053 CE) and also longest lunations of the whole century.

A lunation is essentially one lunar cycle – from new moon (which peaks at 0% visibility) to full moon (100% visible obviously, being continuous tho- and now wondering if it ever doesn’t wax truly 100%) to the next new moon. Lunations average around 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes. What I discovered is that the current lunation, or more technically called a synodic month, is the second shortest of the whole century, it endures 29 days, 6 hours, and 46 minutes. This seems significant so I wonder.
It began at exactly 19:44 GMT on May 25th 2017 CE (*sorry greg but we gotta detach, I keep feeling there are more precise and useful calenders), peaking on the full moon June 9th 2017 CE at 13:10 PM GMT, and wraps up with the next dark moon fully invisible at 02:31 GMT on June 24th 2017 CE. What the length of a lunation influences, I am developing perceptions for, but can’t exactly say. The moon influences rhythmical biological and other processes including the tides, insect, microbial and plant+++ life cycles, women’s menstruation

(and suddenly wondering about etymology of the word month, its connection to the prefix men, (and moon of course), and the possibility of deriving the word ‘man’ from ‘woman’ instead…. becoming quintessential Geminish (geminish, a s/n) as I observe the zodiac all gnostic-skeptical, wondering about other calenders too…free flowing thought overall atm it seems)

parantheses. my grammatic totem.
Anyway this is just a curious detail I noticed. I imagine a shorter lunation condenses the tides; offering subtle nuances that can actually have an exponential impact.
But what? What could it signify about this year as well, that holds such extremes in its lengths of lunations? The moon coming so close and then reaching so far…. The longest lunation of the century takes place in December 2017. Rapid changing between extremes can be associated with quantum leaps… it seems like a window of opportunity that didn’t exist before we noticed it.

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