and it will be refilled by the sun of yourself

(poem open under construction)

may you always make more courage than money
(perhaps your work also pays in
for having a dollar
can feel safer
than having all the riches on earth
and no desire
to bloom

security’s not as fun
and safety’s not found in a thing
but rather in
the forever willingness
to feel through all things

may you know your worth
for if you did, human being, if you witnessed the splendid beauty of your light
you would never worry
about money

you are worthy
of your desires
vital to a vast and unbreakable web of life
dare consider
you are essential
that you carry rivers
are jewel cave, diamond sky

completely regardless
of what a Capitalist Lord may decree
and truly
and in attempting to shame you he brings shame to the capital letters
that sacred is the dotted i

can you stand naked before the Judge of the World and not give a damn
and not damn him either
can you say to him ‘this is my self and if you do not acknowledge me raw then you are not real you then are no judge of life’

so what if some eat of false belief
money is a store of resources
a neutral reflection of the value we create
reflecting a relationship to our inherent value, a fluid system however it goes
maybe you can design your own
we are unknown treasure

so what if you are allergic to the machine, thank the heavens it was too painful
to die
you can break the ancestral pattern
and announce with your whole heart

who I am
what I naturally bring
is my offering of wealth
to a vast and unbreakable web
bigger than they drew it
was always breathing like I knew it
I will bow to the truth of my internal sun and shine now
in gratitude for my ancestors I beat my chest, my light is proud now
I am met with the deepest abundance to simply be
breathe my source star breath
in spirals
out into
this field of reality

you might believe and love many concepts, things, people
But do you believe in and love You?
And capital Y (why?) and bless it because sacred are the questions
may you
believe, believe like with conviction, like on paper or at a dinner party when people discuss their beliefs, believe like in a debate in which you are relentless about the existence of unicorns
in your own being, your own deeply and truly felt and emotionally explored and expressed values
in the wild true desires that really vibrate
bring your bones to music
atoms to dancing
oozing out the you that simply is your desires too
and may you know, Know what they are
pursuing the north star into the endless blue

dare defying the destiny decreed by the dead, and determining your own, and possibly interrupting a three hundred thousand year old inertia of undeservingness and unlove (was it?)

Do you dare dream awake dormant DNA?

Do you dare shake this ground?

Can monetary value determine your own?

Can you believe that there is a light in you?

If you should simply consider that
regardless of what
your parents think, your boss thinks, you co-workers might think, even your friends, even your lovers, what your kids believe, what your teachers say, what your government does, what your priests or priestesses preach about you, about who you are, about what you are worth, about your value, even what I am suggesting now, even regardless of what you think about yourself, even what you thought god said (can you dare transcend the Word of His or Her Ultimate Authority if His or Her Creed does not feel good in your Gut)

that you are some sort of radiant beam of unique and sacred love
a beautiful mystery only you can release
one deeply craving total unfoldment and expression in this world- not a supposed perfect one but here
And that you deserve this
The best
plainly available for you on-demand (it takes trust)
and nobody, not even a repressive regime can stop you, not even an illness or a nagging relative or all of a broken society can stop you, but your own Command
you are needed
your raw existence
is proof enough
we are dancing on stars
singing your name

we see you
dreaming or dormant queen and king
may you rise
self determined and self identified
recognized and accredited by singing birds
by the subtle change in the sway of the grass
by the giggling squirrels
by the drifting clouds
and the torrential storm and by that beautiful seashell
finding its strange way so close to the shore
no country nor civilization is too big for you
these matters rise and fall like the waves in in an unspeakably vast sea
they rise of our hearts and they melt back into our hearts in Time, but it is time now to get our hands in the soil and begin remaking the world, to believe ourselves worthy, to know the insignia is ours, to breathe in and out our deepest love and dare
interrupt the beast
or ignore it, let the tower fall or restore it

there are moments when maybe you will reroute
all the fucks you gave
to new priorities, from sea to cave to a joy that takes you somewhere new
and you will have never felt so empowered
to tell it like it is, to let your love move through
because fear can make us want money and ‘safety’ more than life
but to stand in a hot plasma that gives no guarantees, visible
you will never feel so alive, or safe, somehow

so go
if you mean to
and dream bigger than anything you’ve ever been taught is possible to lean into

unicorns in the living room
portals in the wall
to jump through
fairy king apples, mirror puddles to badlands of the ancients
to change the castle

may you never believe those who believe
in the limited mind
we do know it does
go on
for ever
and ever
and ever
and ever

and maybe you are taken to an unloved new world
quietly teaching you new ways of wonder or joy,
or that highlights a weak muscle inside you to strengthen it or
an oversight to tune into
to see it

and maybe you fall
but maybe the fall is a part of your lesson in flight
maybe it is up you fall
to footprints on the ceiling
to gardens on the moon
maybe you are studying gravity from every angle

and should routine take you (and should it may it be so sweet)
may you take it too
discovering pocket oddities in the mundane
strange moments that bring your heart to now
(no matter where you left that heart, no matter how many rooms back)
may life always surprise you, reflecting you your magic
if seeds spill across the floor
may they look like the stars laid out before you, twinkling
may you taste new flavors of thought even from the same old flavors of vegan cookie, of your clients same t-shirt every damn day
of morning greetings from the sun (of course)

may heartbreak or terrible things suggest mysteries beyond good or bad, that speak in snake, that could only dwell in love, that move you
to what can only
break your heart open
in what pain can only be part of some greater purpose
that beats through
a fabric you can’t see and
a space and time
you can’t necessarily feel
but that your being is bound to
and breathes into
always and even without
your knowing

may you know
who you are
and live without fear of the dark
but rather a rapture for the void
free there to be you
on a majestic odyssey traipsing the infinite
trailblazing starlight

and with that you-heart driving your love-will
may whatever earthly resources or human sway cred you acquise
support you and all beings
because with the courage to believe in and love yourself and act
you cannot cause harm
a few inches away from where worries do grow is a nest where only love blossoms and is always waiting
not as poetry on paper but as poetry in dishes
in butter knives and cigarette smoke
and in lilacs in spring and a baby grabbing your shoulder
a love that can take your hands
and guide your thoughts
a love that is not the same as comfort

if you’re looking for comfort
maybe you are better off with
a house
and a gate
and a computer
and a lot of books
and 6 cats
and an aeroplan points credit card
and enough time but not too much time
and an escape route

for the kind of love that will grow you may ask of you storms, if you ask of it the plains

may you always be nourished
royal feasts winking
may you go in beauty
with every step and every word through every thought
may there always be a secret garden
a grandmother plum tree
to sleep beneath
an elven blanket of protection folded behind the park bench
a ciph of holy runes your heart’s breath
a cup of water from the sacred sea

maybe you will find yourself asking
who is the sacred devil that would kiss earth
the vampire that can move dams and drain swamps
the villain who can protect the entire universe
from harm
if so may you know them then
may heaven and hell both
walk beside you

or you might ask
what lived within the delay that existed
between that moment
when you asked the universe
when you asked yourself
for heaven
and when it arrived

did you learn to juggle
did you learn what capitalism was
how trees dream
that the sky was once purple and grey

may you always have more courage than money, beautiful one
because the money that matters is used for courage
and the courage that matters is used for love
to make you into a fountain
to guide you to the wisdom of your pricelessness
based on who you truly are
and not what you can offer to a limited era
can be made to
take you beyond all happenstance
for this cup will be refilled
this cup will be refilled
so may you dare taste its water
may you dare live the life it offers
may you wait not an instant longer
to love
to wonder
this cup will be refilled


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