flow on urban magick

Urban Magick; Or, How to City Like a Shaman

riding through cities like

if you’re going to be wild be feral
if you’re going to be urban
live as though concrete is atmosphere
If you’re going to wade the swamp adapt be metal monkey swinging across electric jungle
know your sources
where did this food come from?
where did your joy come from?
where did your heart come from?
if you’re going to eat chips eat them as though the bag is peel and the chips are fruit
if you’re going to pollute do it as though there is no such thing
you are throwing seeds, everything is organic
into this wilderness of consciousness
it is all nature
but this room of All Nature has a password and it cannot be freely used, effectively
still, be that peace. dream that high
know the difference between rationalization and real magic
probably do not actually throw chip bags
and if you’re going to be safe, make no sense

understand that the heart of oil and creed requires a vigilence near superhuman
do you dare?
if you’re going to pollute then befriend the black snake, for she will too make you into resin in time
if you’re going to steal the city wear red

become sex and shake off stray hands you are all of the heat. be ugly beautifully. be weird intelligently. be wise and wear concentric rainbow circles. announce new government and collective prosperity with no authorization.

understand this wild world understand this cruel world. ask yourself why you are there as it is for you, and live this question and then answer and then live the further question. never forget your choice and its reason. or its not-reason.
pray on cigarettes and stubs, ask that the good of each chemical additive be blessed by 20 angels each. and the spirit of tobacco well its there
you can transmute everything but if you’re going to wax urban magick be ready

you can note the moon and her phase and her rhythmic influence on the people

you can understand the power of a tie and the reason he wore that color and the reason she smiled so huge your way

if you’re going to move through the city wear onyx and know your mind. and your not-mind and your knot-mind.

you can hug the homeless and you can get into osmotic resource management you have two carrots and they got none you give them one and it’s way more fun you can find courage to emanate and spread tolerance and what wealth you have mustered or perhaps have the mustard seed faith for.
it will only grow then.
and you best tolerate 0 bullshit. smell the bull smell the bull smell the bull smell the bull smell the bull smell the bull smell the bull smell the bull smell the bull smell the bull.
not the bullshit not from the people you work for if you choose to trade your sacred energy for money not from the beggars and not from the so-called leaders. if a bylaw appears that shouldn’t be you best call its bluff.
these are the beasts of a cityland.
if you’re going to push keep feeling just as deeply push in a way that is gentleness
wrap your mind around your feeling heart and body. transcend difficulty and the madness of the road.
value her value her value the flickers of belly light the turning of heartbeats value the goddess icecream cone of summer

if you’re going to be wild
like a hunting beast like sunlight

like skipping a rock   like a fox
ask questions and pursue the calm deep if you’re going to be free breathe fully
to bow below the Sequoian giant is your relief
do not forget what these buildings were built for and who. and if they were for you, then bow below them instead

know or consider
that perhaps we haven’t built a real city yet
that perhaps nobody truly knows what sex is yet
that humility will liberate our creativity

in knowing what can be

that gratitude will remind us how far we have come because the opportunities here are

the light beam skyscraping limo lined horizon is flashing red
so be feral on its trace
buy yourself flowers and then launch them into the crowd shouting ‘catch the bouquet!’

use church bells to clean the etheric grid. for birds and bees and other sensitive beings

we must energize and clean the invisible electromagnetic grids they follow if we are responsible for disrupting their function
if you’re going to play in the city then be lucid as fuck be a beauty nest wear cherry lip stain and hand out the money you won as a god then gambling. be magnetic and be a walking advertisement for dragons. they head strong but live in your heart space anyway cry on the metro with strangers kiss the grass tease the elves start a protest eat sugar packets nominate the right person for city council jump leave stand up and tall. never back down this is society’s canvas this savage urban acupuncture point of civilization is a butterfly effect in waiting be vigilant wear organite.


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