Reality Helmets

Photo 6
Raspberry Nebula God, watercolour, 2011

I once had a vision of people wearing ‘reality helmets’, which could be understood as invisible etheric programs that are coded with certain perceptions of reality, inherently limiting if it is forgotten that the helmet is being worn. I dont know what to say about the matter of whether they were selected or oppressively placed, I think that is a complex question…with love that question will always be answered a bit different.

I saw people walking through empty sort of wastelands of warehouses, everybody minding their own business, wearing their helmet, but perceiving themselves as being inside a shared shiny environment such as a shopping mall.

I took mine off.

Sometimes I forget to take it off, (it sort of comes back, or maybe I just need to remember I had removed it?) or to replace it or to tune into that dimension of reality and work with it.

But to the best of my perception, those things are there and removeable. I think they qualify as ‘negative etheric implants’. I call this process ‘removing the ‘helmet of concensus reality”. Gives me a distinct sense of transcendence from undesired collective belief systems. The “reality helmets” I wear consciously, if any (I wouldn’t exactly use this metaphor) connect me to other programs with larger frames of consciousness grids shared with interdimensional, interspecies, and intergalactic communities. Well, getting there. But I wouldn’t liken maintaining a liberated paradigm to wearing some sort of virtual reality helmet, this is illusion and metaphor and perpetuates that tinge of helplessness that we over now. Free worlds don’t call for strict coding, for religion. Concensus is mutable, and a cosmic vagabond need not necessarily apply. Nature is the main program I tune into and enjoy working with. It is raw and wild and mysterious, and absolute nature, the abyss of time and space and consciousness, can best connects us to our soul and spiritual identity, whatever those are. Still, it can be useful to have models for systems of consciousness, but nah those last words taste like stale crackers I don’t truly see a need for that sort of helmet once I found it there in its more controlling form. (The planets and masses in our galactic neighborhood we call the solar system would be a stellar example for a model of a consciousness system).

These are some of my perceptions of this/a unconscious matrix system.

(I won’t go into my perceptions about the source of the current helmets on Earth3.0 humans- more importantly is that if we want, we can intend to safely and gently and lovingly remove them. I don’t think everybody needs to because it needs to be done in harmony with our whole being- it’s not something to force, just like kundalini awakening isn’t something to push for. It happens naturally for many, but this living metaphor can be empowering I feel.


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