Post New Moon in Aquarius

Gotta be getting these out sooner. I have the sense it’d be good if I’m posting regularily on the moons. As it was just the new moon, with Imbolc poppin’ up within the next few days* *it is normally celebrated February 1st, midwinter, but the actual astrological date varies. It’d be the exact midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. I’d have to check the charts. *It’s now Feb 2nd and has been popped. along with another undesired event :/ more soon on that

When I ask myself what the vibration of the New Moon in Aquarius (got what to learn about astrology and really want to investigate the constellations and energetic imprints that they supposedly invoke, to see for myself), I see a circle being generated from my heart, along the horizontal plane.


Couldn’t find the source of this picture but maybe that is the point. My root energy feels good on this. New moon is like a portal moment in time, a space of silence and emptiness, when we can tune into a deeper global and personal vision and ‘seed it’ into the fertile soils of creation. I tend to feel goooood around this time of the month, less agitated, relaxed, peaceful and filled with new energy. As it is also Imbolc (midwinter) now, it is an excellent time of year to reflect on our desires and ‘download’ visions for the coming seasons of growth. Seriously though, I recommend tuning in if not ‘just to see’ if it works, you might feel surprisingly empowered at the insights that are more accessible at this point in time.

Imbolc is my new year, and I find it to be, for myself, far more energetically supportive than Jan 1, as a time to craft resolutions. We can reflect and ‘see’ into the next cycle, to where we want to be, and perhaps more interestingly or vitally, who we want to be, in a year at next midwinter. We can feel into the future, along the highest possible time line we’d ride, into the vision of who we will become, and what we’ll be doing, and in what world we’ll be living in.

I want to throw a huge party for Imbolc, been literally wishing unsuspecting people a ‘bon année’.

Have experienced the passing of my grandmother yesterday which I have many feelings about, death itself and then this particular experience ❤ I feel angry and sad and frustrated about the traditional medical system and relief (which comes not without shame), she was in a worsening state of dementia for years and everybody was preparing for her passing at this time (though I perceive/d other possibilities and tend to feel angry when I perceive friends of my loved one ‘casting unconscious death spells’, like y’all her spleen still speaking. I don’t know how to act on these perceptions and nobody really wants to listen to me. Frustration and isolation.

I’ll just throw in some more new moon specific vibes I read and then am off, not as into this as I should be to b doin’ this but s’all good.

Body health. Earth reverence. A new sort of magical medical gathering. Earth stewardship and blessings for the water. Seeing through the “scam” of oil economy and understanding how absolutely simple and easy it is to create systems based on renewable and sustainable energy. 7 7 7. Blessing the earth element, gathering the right soil… anyway this is not my best reading. Might update but I can’t stop digging my fingers into my scalp in stress and I wanna move on.

Happy midwinter and new cycle. Spring be rousing.







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