Post cacao ceremony (/scrolling social media) like

Be outrageously incredible and steal the damn show. Guide the caravan north sit starboard and bless the sacred grass. Bless the Earth bless your feet and the shoes made right for you. Become peace, fear nothing, graze like a butterfly, let nobody know your plan. Top heaven with heaven, top heaven with custard, top heaven with raw cacao, top heaven with the sparks off the faerie queen’s wand. Fart into the sinkhole. Design the mirror frame yourself. Jump into the painting. Download the lost arc code. Know the doorway map of your city, the crystal city above your city, the location of the alien landing pad, don’t wait for your relief. Let the ocean’s breath engulf everything of you, become her, become your higher self, embody and ground deep. Get level like a cheetah nun. Dare immortality. Write too much and on walls and in kitchen sinks, write ‘everything’ in kitchen sinks. Interview death and reject her. Interview the President and reject her. Hold interviews for the president of your realm. Change them every month. Every day. Obey never. Love deeper than you were ever asked or expected to. Love even when you are so safe not too. Love like chocolate fudge palaces in the Arctic made possible. Love like a gnome tisking like an elf singing like the Angel Ball like a bakery called the Cake Cake Cake. Ingredients are most diverse and most delicious and most native. Be the mountain and be the clouds drifting above him and the spaceship hidden behind them. Be alien. Be human. Be sex. Don’t need sex, be sex. Don’t ask for love, be LOVE. Don’t beg for joy, learn jokes that would appeal to every working woman and man. Learn to cook raw vegan bacon that’d appease the most satanic of God’s and that’d close hell’s gate for good. Bless your first kiss. Bless the One. Bless the Messiah janitor. Be. Just be and ask for none and bless all. Do. Do and ask for everything but with Buddha sweet non-need. Be liquid sugar rush striptease with a pink bow. And a levitating crystal. Smell your aura and spray it with energetic perfume. Purify it with natural energetic de-odorant spray. Be the circle of life wrapped around the most giant stone you’d ever seen. Be an ancient glyph speaking epigenetics. Be life. Ignore all of these suggestions and be something completely else. Write, take a pen and paper and write a story. Sing, sing beyond the truths language could ever contain. Ride melodies and ride spirals and rise carousels of horses that are horses of all of the aspects of you. Be creative and I have no idea what you could do. Ooze glamour like the god of sparkle. Be art be Who You Simply Are. Nobody can take it from you Put your menstruel blood in the tyrant’s garden. Or your lover’s or girlfriend’s or friend’s or your energetic menstruel blood. Bless the sacred earth and your temple body. Temple nations will rise if we allow our sexuality and creativity and desires to express in love if we integrate the monster dance party to become a crystal cliff consciousness lab. Go, just go, go, just go, go, just go, go, just go. Dance naked into the void. Or leap. Consult with Wisdom and trust the answers you receive. Be silent. Breathe and let all meaning dissolve. Identify your values and create your life and world in accordance. Gather with the resonant. Listen to the dissonant. Breathe and let all meaning dissolve. Feel and learn the easiest way. Invoke the best. Invoke the ecstatic invoke the luminal. Forget everything you said and eat popcorn. Walk inside the dumpster and take bread. Imagine your own version of stoplights. What colors? Imagine yourself as a hairbrush. What shape? Imagine the world as christed. Which child and how long did she take to draw it on the white paper placemat and in which diner? Dance a homeopathic remedy for smalltown in America. Write like everybody, and everybody, and everybody, is reading.


do wut u want!

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