many possible pasts, or, the sweet spot

nostalgia, but, there is door tucked away in your past in the reoccurring memory look two feet over from the pain for something else also there that was more interesting perhaps, you are not remembering for the reason you think perhaps there are mysteries alive in the guise of your suffering show the god of…

(Running) Log: Day 1

Poetry is the logic of the soul; that reaches the mind through the body, bypassing all delusion through the infallible circuitry of the heart- and there is genius in its light, perhaps too great for the structures of civilization, for belief. It strikes you like an autumn leaf on pavement with impossibly beautiful colors strikes you; it means nothing, you’ll never forget it.

Moving from a place of love/September new moon/Mabon

i suppose this post will be like three songs smushed into one music video medley. Except it is three developing ideas smushed into one terribly edited blog post and I apologize. Having difficulty finding the time/energy to edit properly (no home base atm or reliable technology has me hopping around to write and share online)….

go deep into the desires that drive your righteous rage

FOR THE TRANSMUTATION OF ANGER INTO AN EFFECTIVE FORCE FOR LOVE AND ACTION, OR MAYBE EVEN JUST INSIGHT   * Go deep into the desires that drive your righteous rage. Burn with them. They are your pink frenzy to this mad world. With them you can fix all of it. But maybe you won’t even…

Out of the Blue

A rough, rough copy of a chapter from the book I’m working on… ________

Moon research: synodic extremes in 2017

When u get lost in the doors within doors of Internet curiosities, and discover that 2017 CE* has the second shortest (shortest is in 2053 CE) and also longest lunations of the whole century. A lunation is essentially one lunar cycle – from new moon (which peaks at 0% visibility) to full moon (100% visible…

build neural networks of joy / rushed freeflow

like factories of alchemy transmuting pain into something beautiful or hilarious. They instantly deflect inppropriate and potentially harmful perceptions, they offer the receiving consciousness nuances of laughter, they transmute sorrow into giggling sine waves, they know the birds. joy is the reason the dance is the reason it’s what these streets were made for  …

and it will be refilled by the sun of yourself

(poem open under construction) may you always make more courage than money (perhaps your work also pays in courage) for having a dollar can feel safer than having all the riches on earth and no desire to bloom security’s not as fun and safety’s not found in a thing but rather in the forever willingness…

mooooon things & spring blessings

My intention has been to share about my creative and growth process and work online, as well as astrological energy readings around the moon troughs and crests. For reasons I’ve found it challenging to get on that ball (particle), or wave maybe, I’m finding my thoughts chaotic and off-time (or maybe I’m just on the wrong calender. and maybe I need…

This was an essay I accidentally wrote in response to a post on FB

Here: (to link) For many years I’ve been living at an edge, willing to leap if the right opportunity presented itself, or if I could gather momentum to create one. (Do I dare intend this? yes.) I have found some interesting opportunities; sailing with artist anarchist pirates around Fiji (!) (have temporarily lost the name…

flow on urban magick

if you’re going to be wild be feral
if you’re going to be urban
live as though concrete is atmosphere
If you’re going to wade the swamp adapt be metal monkey swinging through electric jungle
know your sources
where did this food come from?
where did your joy come from?
where did your heart come from?

Reality Helmets

I once had a vision of people wearing ‘reality helmets’, which could be understood as invisible etheric programs that are coded with certain perceptions of reality, inherently limiting if it is forgotten that the helmet is being worn. I dont know what to say about the matter of whether they were selected or oppressively placed,…