Samhain Magic and the Bone Woman

I planned a ritual on the mountain in Montreal for Samhain, but kept having to postpone. Finally, one fateful Sunday, I finalized the meeting time. I want to apologize if anybody came late, because once I was up on the mountain, I was swallowed by the mountain, and though I intended to come back, I did … Continue reading Samhain Magic and the Bone Woman


Out of the Blue and Into the Landscape of 2018

We are currently witnessing or even participating in a mass ritual and moving through a portal of change we have collectively created & named '2018'. I continuously wonder about the significance of the Gregorian year count; while it encodes a deep wish of humanity for enlightenment and sovereignty, it is also associated with stigmata, religious … Continue reading Out of the Blue and Into the Landscape of 2018

(Running) Log: Day 1

Poetry is the logic of the soul; that reaches the mind through the body, bypassing all delusion through the infallible circuitry of the heart- and there is genius in its light, perhaps too great for the structures of civilization, for belief. It strikes you like an autumn leaf on pavement with impossibly beautiful colors strikes you; it means nothing, you’ll never forget it.