I have moved

I'm just imagining somebody following my trail. I have about two other blogs that have moved already, haha. I will get around to updating all to the latest address. Sorry for any inconvenience. I am now hanging at my own domain at: http://www.tree.dance Come say hello! There's a forum there, though it's a bit too … Continue reading I have moved


Samhain Magic and the Bone Woman

I planned a ritual on the┬ámountain in Montreal for Samhain, but kept having to postpone. Finally, one fateful Sunday, I finalized the meeting time. I want to apologize if anybody came late, because once I was up on the mountain, I was swallowed by the mountain, and though I intended to come back, I did … Continue reading Samhain Magic and the Bone Woman

Out of the Blue and Into the Landscape of 2018

We are currently witnessing or even participating in a mass ritual and moving through a portal of change we have collectively created & named '2018'. I continuously wonder about the significance of the Gregorian year count; while it encodes a deep wish of humanity for enlightenment and sovereignty, it is also associated with stigmata, religious … Continue reading Out of the Blue and Into the Landscape of 2018